Interactive English Conversations

Engage in dynamic conversations with our speaking bot. At the end, receive an overall score on your English proficiency.

Improve every skill in your English in new ways

New way to learning English with engaging, interesting activities. Available skills: Reading, Vocabulary. Try it now!


Deep Dive Feedback: Your Speaking, Analyzed

Go beyond generic evaluations. Present your speech and get specific insights on how and where to enhance.



    • Kim

      Language is one of the keys to unlock the reality you desire; what you think is partly formed from language. Learning is a lifelong journey; be patient, my friend...

    • Bac

      Thanks to spoken English, many opportunities have come to me. I want to help improve the English learning environment in Vietnam.

    • Trung

      For me, English is one of the keys that open the door to connect with the world. Meanwhile, technology is the best means for everyone to have their own keys. Each action, each step is always eager to bring real values to the country, for the Vietnamese people.

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